A Splendid Island Jewel

Moorea, blessed with luxuriant vegetation contrasting with the blue of its lagoon and its beaches of white sand, island of volcanic peaks, will intoxicate you with its timeless charm.

Its 2 majestic bays, from Cook to Opunohu, give it its atypical trident form. Mysterious, Moorea hides many other treasures that Tahiti Helicopters invites you to discover by flying with us.

Keep your eyes wide open and you might see a group of dolphins playing in the waves as you pass over, or even whales to seaward (from July to October) taking advantage of the ocean’s immensity.

Moorea Tour : The Sister Island – 20mins

Moorea-2During this flight, the Moorea Island will unfold for you its most precious marvels at the heart of its majestic valleys. Waterfalls, sudden mountains, famous bays and stunning views of the lagoon are all on the program!

Tour of 2 Islands:  Moorea and Essential Tahiti – 50mins

Tahiti-et-mooreaHead to Tahiti Nui (the big island) and discover the extravagant jungle that adorns the interior of its land surface. Admire the subtle mix of lagoon, jagged mountain and coral reefs, then let yourself be carried away by the magic of these sumptuous landscapes. You will continue your escapade on the heights of the sister island, Moorea, which will seduce you with its magnificent natural setting. Panoramic photo opportunities guaranteed!



From Moorea

Adult** Private
 Moorea Tour 32 500 XPF 130 000 XPF
 Tour of 2 Islands 72 500 XPF 290 000 XPF

From Intercontinental Moorea Resort

Adult** Private
 Moorea Tour 37 500 XPF 150 000 XPF
 Tour of 2 Islands 77 500 XPF 310 000 XPF