Bora Bora

The Pearl of the Pacific

Considered to be one of the islands on the leeward side of the Society Archipelago, Bora Bora and its lagoon are breathtaking. Surrounded and protected by an astonishing coral barrier reef, it everywhere reveals uncommon perspectives. The unique character of its black cliffs, its humid tropical forest and its translucent waters ensure for it an unrivaled charm.

Essential Bora Bora – 15mins

Bora-1The turquoise waters of the world’s most beautiful lagoon holds a magnificent, unique and incomparable site in store for you. Its surreal beauty gives you the feeling that you are dreaming. You will fly over Bora Bora and its little islands, on which can be found the most luxurious hotel resorts of French Polynesia. Soar with us and enjoy the splendors of this leeward island.

The Duo: Bora Bora & Tupai panorama – 30mins

Bora-2Discover the Pearl of the Pacific seen from the sky, its corral barrier and its incredible hues of blue before heading over to its famous Atoll, more commonly known as “the heart-shaped island.” A destination not to be missed by lovers or newlyweds, or those just engaged.

The Trio: Bora Bora – Tahaa – Raiatea – 45mins

Bora-3After having covered all of the crucial spots of the “world’s most beautiful” island, you will navigate your way toward Tahaa, the Vanilla Kingdom. Its preserved flora, its bays, its idyllic scenery and its aquarium visible from the sky will literally captivate you. It shares the same lagoon as its big sister Raiatea, the sacred island, cradle of the gods and veritable natural reservoir. It is from this island that the Tiare flower originated, which has come to be the emblem of Polynesia.

Complete Tour of the Leeward Islands: Tupaï – Bora Bora – Tahaa – Raiatea – 60mins

Bora-4Combine the translucent lagoon of Bora Bora with the heart of Tupaï by passing through the bays of Tahaa and round off your flight with the most sacred and mystic of the islands, Raiatea. It is the excursion par excellence not to be missed!



From Bora Bora

Adult** Private
 Essential Bora Bora 20 000 XPF 80 000 XPF
 The duo 40 000 XPF 160 000 XPF
 The trio 60 000 XPF 240 000 XPF
 Complete tour 80 000 XPF 320 000 XPF

From Resort

Adult** Private
 Essential Bora Bora 25 000 XPF 100 000 XPF
 The duo 45 000 XPF 180 000 XPF
 The trio 65 000 XPF 260 000 XPF
 Complete tour 85 000 XPF 340 000 XPF